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    One World IP Earns Prestigious IP Star
    (Firm Ranked) in Jordan and GCC Region by Managing IP – IP STARS.

    One World Financial Services Company LLC

    A Jordanian company registered with the Jordanian Exempt Companies Register, and it is not entitled to conduct any business within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as the aim of its establishment is to operate as a vital intermediary linking sister companies across various Arab countries with their local and international clients. Its primary focus lies in providing essential business support services. These services encompass intellectual property management, payment processing, and collection services, all delivered with a commitment to precision and professionalism. Additionally, One World Financial Services Company maintains an administrative headquarters in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Here, a dedicated team oversees the operations of sister companies in the Arab countries and coordinates with agents across Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia, and Europe. This centralized approach ensures seamless operations and effective support for clients worldwide.

    One World Legal Consultation and Arbitration

    One of the leading legal companies in providing comprehensive legal services and expertise in the field of arbitration. With a team of experienced legal professionals, the company offers consultation services tailored to clients’ needs, ensuring effective dispute resolution and legal representation. Specializing in arbitration, the company facilitates fair and efficient resolution of disputes through impartial processes, adhering to legal standards and regulations. One World Legal Consultation and Arbitration Company is committed to delivering high-quality legal solutions and guiding clients through complex legal matters with integrity and professionalism. Renowned for its top-notch legal services, consultations, and efficient legal work, One World Legal Consultation and Arbitration Company LLC caters to a diverse clientele across various legal domains. Leveraging strong partnerships with prominent law firms, One World Legal Consultation and Arbitration Company ensures the highest quality of legal services globally. As a sister company of One World Intellectual Property Company, it specializes in providing expert legal consultations and handling private law matters related to intellectual property and commercial agreements.

    Infinity Information Technology Company LLC

    As a prominent leader, Infinity specializes in delivering an extensive array of services and technical solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. The Company is committed to delivering services include customized technical consultations designed to address the clients’ unique requirements, coupled with robust technical support services aimed at ensuring the stability and optimal performance of their technological systems, alongside with the timely issue resolution. The dedicated team at the company are skilled in providing cutting-edge technological infrastructure solutions, including setting up networks and servers. Moreover, the company streamlines theintegration of various technological systems within organizations to enhance information flow and operational efficiency. The expertise of the ream also extends to software development, application deployment, licensing, digital data processing, and network-level monitoring and enhancement, empowering our clients with comprehensive technological expertise.